Closet Organization Tips


With a closet filled with nothing to wear, I sure do have LOTS to organize!


If I had to associate myself with a character from a television show, it would be Monica Geller. I’m pretty OCD when it comes to my things (heck I even dust the dust off my Swifer), but just like Monica I have that secret closet of junk.


My closet is probably the messiest thing in my bedroom, it’s my own version of Pandora’s box that releases all evils of disorganization in humanity. But every now and then I do try to keep it as clean as possible, so here are some organization tips that I go by:

  1. Organize by colour and by type 

I like my closet to have an ombre effect, I start to sort it out by darks to lights but keep the same type of clothing of the same colour, together. For example, all of my black cardigans are together followed by all of my black sweaters, then black long sleeves, etc. I usually group the heavy pieces of clothing first followed by the more delicate/light clothing like t-shirts and tank tops.


     2. Fold your crop tops 

Crop tops have become a staple in every girl’s closet that we all must have a minimum of 20. With that said, you don’t want them taking over your closet! Instead, fold them up and put them in your drawer instead. They’re tiny anyway, so it’ll be easy and will save you more room to hang up other pieces!


3. Invest in felt hangers! 

My biggest pet peeve is when clothes fall off their hangers, but the easiest solution for that are felt hangers! I’ve never had any pieces fall off of them, plus they’re great for delicate pieces of clothing that you don’t want to rip.


4. Keep most used items at eye-level

If you have built-in shelves in your closet like I do, always keep the items you wear the most at eye-level so you always know where it is! Keep your less-used items below and least-used items on top.



5. Hello new clothes, bye-bye old clothes! 

This is a rule that my mom has taught me from day 1. Say you bought 5 new shirts, now you have to donate 5 shirts from your closet. I’m pretty sure we don’t use about 60% of the things we have in our closet!

Another way to clear out your old clothes is through an app called, Carousell. It’s a preloved buy and sell app where you can list something for sale to a secure and trusted community! How it works is you take a photo of the item you want to sell and buy what you want by chatting with trusted and verified sellers right from the app. The best thing is, the marketplace isn’t just clothes, it ranges from electronics, to books, to home decor, to jewelry and much more! You can also filter by location to see items near you 🙂 OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION, THE APP IS TOTALLY FREE TO DOWNLOAD IN THE APP STORE!


You can also follow other people to keep updated on their brand new listings, you can follow me on Carousell under the username, trishareys.

I hope this post was helpful towards your endeavour to keep your closet organized, I’d love to hear organization tips you have as well! Also let me know if you end up using Carousell, I’d love to see what each of you list 🙂





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